• Instructor
    • Fomal Theory II (Undergraduate, equivalent to Game Theory I) (Winter 2020)
      • Syllabus
      • Lecture Notes (available upon request)
  • Teaching Assistant
    • International Political Economy (Undergraduate) (Spring 2018)
    • Formal Theory I (Undergraduate) (Autumn 2018)
    • Formal Theory II (Undergraduate) (Winter 2019)
    • Social Science Inquiry III (Undergraduate) (Spring 2019)

“Minju did a great job breaking down the core concepts in the readings without getting too much into the weeds/too detailed. Each week we made a table comparing all the readings with relatively simple categories: central argument, independent variable, dependent variable, limitations, connections to other literature, but it made a huge difference in understanding how the readings linked. Additionally, she also helped us understand a lot of the statistical methods used in the papers, and made it very accessible to people who didn’t have that background.”

Anonymous comment from UChicago Course Evaluation, International Political Economy (Undergraduate) in Spring 2018

“(Minju) really helped me a lot with the R assignment led a good discussion.”
“Minju used helpful graphics to explain complex concepts.”

Anonymous comments from UChicago Course Evaluation, Formal Theory I (Undergraduate) in Autumn 2018